After losing a child due to a miscarriage, as Angel Parents, we have several options. We can deal with our loss head on, we can bury ourselves with other things or we can simply try to work on our rainbow baby. Carrying It All is a reflective and interactive journal to help guide parents through hope, loss and recovery by addressing 21 originative journal topics after the loss of our babies. Take your time to process your emotions, and begin your healing process with this inspiring  journal. 



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Andrea R. Jones has always had a love and dedication for working with youth and young adults. This love led her to address the noticeable need of the youth in the Baltimore City community, specifically high school aged young men, so she founded a non-profit organization to support and cultivate those young people. Close family and friends boast about her big heart and passion for caring for others. Often expressing a desire to birth twin boys in the future, that is a sentiment Andrea wishes to continue in a family of her own. But life has a way of making its own plans.
In the trend of our time, Andrea made a “Thirty Things To Do Before Turning Thirty” list, and one of the listed items was to obtain medical records from an abortion she had in 2010. The abortion was something Andrea went through alone and suffered with in silence, fearing that God would never bless her with children after undergoing such a horrific decision. By that time, Andrea had already endured two traumatic miscarriages and this was an ordeal that haunted her for years. Deciding to seek out the records was a way of finding answers and gaining closure. However, the details in those records only filled her with more questions, tears and confusion. She learned that on the day of the procedure, there was no heartbeat, and the sonogram showed that the gestational sac contained no fetus. Andrea had already miscarried for a third time. But this time, no staff member had bothered to share this information with her and they carried on with the abortion process anyway.
Andrea felt revolted and victimized. How could a clinic for women, staffed by so many women, do something so cruel, unethical, and heartless? The weight of a miscarriage alone is a critical pain, and Andrea had already been through that pain twice. Forcing herself to go through with an abortion after that was another severe blow. To find out that she had suffered yet another great trauma and have that wound festered with such disregard for her physical and mental health, came crashing down on her. With this hurtful experience, she recognized that it was time to find a way to deal with the heaviness. It was time for her, and so many other parents of Angel babies who isolate themselves in that pain, to find a healthy healing process and stop Carrying It All.



"I think that it's the worst thing that we do to each other as women, not share the truth about our bodies and how they work and how they don't work." 

Michelle Obama

Former First Lady of the United States

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I really loved the book. Thank you Andrea for opening up and not being afraid to tell everyone your story. I feel like this book will help many others in their journey of acceptance and peace. Can’t wait until book two
"Very eye opening and encouraging."



“This book was so inspiring in so many ways. I personally couldn't imagine what an Angel parent has gone through and continues to go through, but the emotions were relatable for many other reasons. Reading this book gave me a better understanding to the many emotions, mental, spiritual and physical that a woman will go through. It provides me with a better understanding of miscarriage, as well as give me the opportunity to help someone I may know that has gone through or may go through in this experience. It is just as heartbreaking to know the damage that it does to relationships because of the lack of information provided to help couples.”
"Hopefully this reaches those who are in need of encouragement to help them in their journey and to find comfort and peace, all at their own time."